Landscape and waterscape in unison

A blend of wildflower seeding, tree planting and ornamental shrubs creates this glorious array of colour across this rural estate in Berkshire.

Alongside a small housing development, the landscape design on the approach to the estate included a sympathetically landscape pond. With pinpoint communication from the earliest stage and throughout, the in-house and on-site teams liaised with the client to ensure this stunning waterside landscape came to its beautiful, professional conclusion.

Client satisfaction at every stage

The surrounding landscape included wildflower seeding and the planting of indigenous trees, accompanied by hedging and ornamental shrub planting as well as turf to the front and rear of plots. The Goddards soft landscaping team undertook the project from plant and tree sourcing to completion, managing an unpredictable programme period and maintaining close supervision of the schedule to ensure the client was satisfied at every stage.

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