We have successfully completed the second phase of tree planting along Olympic Way, The Avenue of Champions, at Wembley Park – 8 pairs of trees at 70cm girth supplied by Van den Berk, Lorberg & Lorenz von Ehren Nurseries. These 16 trees compliment the 20 planted in 2018 with the final phase (Zone C) to be installed in 2020.

In addition to the above we have also secured four other Contracts at Wembley Park which include installing semi-mature trees outside the Premier Inn and Olympic Steps, South West lands Phase 2, E04 Canada Court & E03 Public Realm. These projects start in August 2019 with the final Phases due in late summer 2020. We will be installing over 3,000m3 of substrates, planting over 240no semi-mature trees and 24,000 shrubs, grass areas measure approx. 6,400m2 and aftercare too.

Avenue of Champions Tree Planting


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