Cornelius Vermuyden School was an existing school site with the new build occurring adjacent to the existing operational school.

Extensive semi-mature tree planting along with ornamental shrub areas were installed in the central courtyard areas, large areas of shelter belt native mix were installed too along with around 2 hectares of seeding works. Given the low lying nature of the ‘island’ and the risk of flooding ever present flood attenuation ponds had to be installed and landscaped with the planting of Phragmites within and along drainage swales being the final task.

Castle View School was a stand-alone new build site that required Phase 1 works completing prior to pupil occupation and Phase 2 following demolition of some older existing buildings.

The landscape here had to accommodate the possibility of flooding so a swale ran throughout the site and this was planted with suitable tree and shrub species. Some 140 semi-mature trees and 10,000 shrubs were planted throughout the scheme along with 4,000m2 of fine lawn areas.

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