December 2011


New Tree for Dorking Seating Area

As part of Mole Valley District Council’s (MVDC) makeover of South Street Gardens, Goddards have planted a beautiful new plane tree, following months of careful planning.

The tree is the central focus of the new seating area, which sits in between Butter Hill and South Street. Up lighting will highlight it’s shape and height. Seating designed by talented artist blacksmith Robert Kraneborg will be installed around the tree. This will sit on freshly laid high-quality York stone paving.

A plane tree was selected for the site because of its beautiful foliage, autumn colour and mottled bark. As it grows it will be attractive both close up and from a distance. Famously hardy, the tree will flourish in its new position in the centre of town.

The semi-mature plane tree was handpicked by member of MVDC’s Parks team, who wanted it to have an instant impact. Time was spent preparing the ground to ensure that it will thrive. It has its own irrigation system and anchoring system hidden below ground.

Councillor Chris Reynolds, Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “Careful planning went into the selection and planting of what we hope will become a landmark in Dorking. We are constantly working to improve the quality of our built environment for the long term. The area will be a pleasant place for residents to sit and relax while waiting for a bus, taking a break from shopping or just watching the world go by.”